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McShaw Optometrists. Specialist eye Centre. South West                 Home visits too             Tel: 01395 578724

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We are one of the leading  independent problem solving optometrists in the country, specialising  in providing you with a range of high quality  eye care packages.


We  use one of the most comprehensive ranges of  hospital standard equipment  to provide you with the most  thorough eye examination currently available. Ensuring  early detection using  accurate differential diagnostic techniques. This  means you get peace of mind and assurance and all the information you need to make the best decisions for your eyes.   We pride ourselves in being the West Country's premiere eye care specialist to offer compehensive packages of eyecare relating to particular conditions. 


We know  your comfort and enjoyment  during the examination is one of the  key features for our  great results. This, combined with the proven expertise of  Frederick McShaw who will be  conducting the procedures with you,  gives you the reassurance you need that your eyes and their vision are being closely and accurately monitored.  Our latest review of our referrals shows an accuracy of over 95% ( in comparison to a national average of 52%):  what we have come to expect with Frederick McShaw's experience and expertise.


Amongst our  prized suite of  hospital standard Instruments is  the O.C.T. (Optical Coherence Tomographer)  which  is  a  revolutionary technique for obtaining sub surface images of the key structures within the eye. We introduced this instrument (and somthing similar), over ten years ago. Our updated  OCT in its current form  is fast becoming the  primary diagnostic tool within  ophthalmology.  Along side this instrument is our anterior imaging suite which again, we introduced fourteen years ago and remains the most up to date and detailed image capture system available. Superb for monitoring the front of the eye, including your lids, cornea and folicles. The pheropter head, our newest instrument is  combined with the electronic chart and gives  you a detailed range of choices for precision vision testing in a relaxed and easy to assimilate manor.


Hate the puff air or the hospital pressure test?  We have an accurate method just released and is pain and discomfort free. It take but a second to take those vital readings. This instrument, combined with the results of other hospital standard  indepth tests, provides you with an eye examination that  is the ultimate in early detection, picking up conditions often before they affect your vision. See our eye care packages for further details.


We want your vision to be at its very best. Whatever your choice in eye care, whether at home or within our practice, we give you the most advanced eye examination possible. With  comprehensive advice on all aspects of your sight and ocular health. Choose from our range of eye care packages  and speak to an advisor. 


We want you to look good as well, which is why we offer you an extensive range  of fashionable eyewear, from bespoke, designer glasses to simple low-cost spectacles. If you  prefer contact lenses we have a wide range available  for you. Whatever your needs are, the professional  skills and helpfulness of our team  and our comprehensive service will inspire you.  We hope to have the pleasure of seeing you soon.






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