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Eye Conditions

The eyes are twin organs, not identical, but related. They work together and  in partnership with our brains  to give us our view of the world.  As a result this complicated and glorious pathway can develop issues with the  arcitecture of the eye  and/or  brain which affects  our ability to see.


The following explanations are designed to help you understand some of these conditions and how our examinations are designed to detect them early and so help you retain your vision.



The key structures within each eye performs specific tasks that help us to see and create our vision of the world.

The standard eye examination includes a test or an observation of each of these structures on their surface.

The advent of technology means we now have instruments that are increasing in reliability and scope: able to extend beyond photographs and  look beneath the surface of the eye structures and so detect anomalies before they affect your vision. These examinations are not included in the NHS or standard eye examination  Check out our eye care packages below 

The visual pathway is the most extensive sensory pathway and travels from the eyes to the back of the brain

There are a number of tests that look at this structure including for example: observation or detailed analysis of the retina and the visual feilds tests.

Conditions such as Visual stress, brain tumours or strokes for example can be picked up. Our two key instruments consider the different aspects of our field of vision and the detection of movement and so consider both visual pathways so includes visual movement and spatial perception.  Check out this website if you would like to know alot more by pressing the "read more"  button below


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