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See more clearly – with anti-reflective lenses

Spectacle lenses reflect some of the light which falls on them, resulting in a loss of brightness and a reduction in the quality of vision.


We make your glasses anti-reflective by vapour-depositing an ultra-thin film on them, which facilitates light transmission of up to 99%, depending upon its thickness. This lets you see sharply and clearly.


There are different forms of anti-reflection coating from a single "dip" to a multi-layered coating the eliminates different modes of light along the light spectrum.


There are qualities as such as water resistance, anti-fog, glare reduction and blue light reduction that can also be considered. 


Perhaps polarised lenses to eliminate glare should be considered or mirrored polarised for their absolute qualities and aesthetic looks




What are glare-reduction lenses?

What are polarised lenses?


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